What We Do

Wild Little Society, is a playful Indian brand that encourages creative thinking, imaginative play and understands that brown representation in toys matter. We thrive on self-love, friendship and the power of affirmations. Our products are crafted with an obsessive attention to detail.

We are an eco-friendly brand and ASTMF963-17 compliant.

Our team is well taken care of and they are just as excited to see the final outcome of every product from start to finish as I am. They understand that without them, there would be no Wild Little Society.

Our Story

It all began with a child…
Wild Little Society was a brand I decided to launch after having my son. While shopping for toys, I noticed that there was a lack of brown representation in dolls. As a young child, thanks to my parents, I grew up quite unaware of prejudices. But, as I grew older, I noticed that a lot of importance was given to the colour of one’s skin. Personally, I have never let any remark on my skin tone affect me but I could see how it affected others. As I got older and moved to Singapore to work as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines, I once again noticed this fixation on skin colour. It wasn’t just amongst Indians, it was amongst the Singaporean Indians, Chinese, Malay, Koreans and even the Japanese.

Wild Little Society was born to address this lack of representation. I wanted to create  a safe little society where being Brown was not frowned upon as I would like my son and other children to grow up in a world free of prejudice.

Sunaina Somu Divakar

Founder, Wild Little Society