It's Really Happening

It's Really Happening

Hello there,

My name is Sunaina Somu Divakar. I am the founder of Wild Little Society. After a lot of dreaming, planning and making sure the product (my dolls) are perfect, we are only a day away from opening our WLS  online store, offering sustainable brown dolls made from organic materials. But before that happens, I wanted to officially introduce myself and thank you. {virtual hug}. I am beyond grateful because there is a lot of choice out there but you are taking the time to follow/ support us and I  couldn’t be more delighted to have you on board. 

We are launching our first collection of 4 dolls and you will discover why these dolls make the perfect playmates for your children. The entire concept has been carefully thought through right from each doll having their own wild little personality to important life skills for children to develop as they grow. Every doll comes with a set of clothes, under garment, and a beautifully embroidered red heart on her chest to symbolise gratitude, love, happiness and hope.

Adding affirmations as part of the plastic free packaging was very important to me. It puts children in a positive state of mind and this is what I would like for my WLS tribe, to create our own little society where we respect ourselves, others, the planet and consciously work on becoming the best version of ourselves.

It is important to me, to not only put India on the map for creating great quality brown dolls but it's just as important to ensure there is true brown representation in toys. Children need to see themselves in their companions as there is imitation that happens when playing with dolls.

January 14, marks the real beginning of what is sure to be a beautiful journey! See you then.